Why You Should Use IT Support Companies to Repair Your PCs

Do you have any idea of the number of ports your computer has? Are you familiar with terms like port forwarding, default gateway, CAT5, or dynamic name server? Do you know the risks associated if you leave the file and printer sharing for Microsoft networks' open on a computer, which logs on to the internet via an unprotected wireless fidelity network? Chances are that few individuals have any idea about such terms. The last mentioned option allows hackers to gain access to your computer network and along with it, all sensitive data stored on the computers linked to it. Plugging a cable on the wrong socket can damage your computer's hard drive and motherboard permanently. A wrongly configured firewall and antivirus program, in your office's server, can allow viruses to spread to all the other computers linked to it, causing mayhem and loss of precious data permanently. Obviously, you do not do a daisywheel backup unless you are prepaired for such events.

No use crying over spilt milk

There is no use crying once problems take place. You could have prevented it by taking timely action. No doubt, you can learn about these terms on the internet, but you should never attempt to solve these problems by yourself unless you are professionally qualified. Employing a specialist on a full time basis involves a lot of money. It is better to outsource the job to professionals by signing an annual maintenance contract with a reputable information technology company. If you reside in Birmingham, you should search online for IT support in your local area. Note down the contact information of some of the companies that appear in the first page of the search results, get in touch with them, and request them to send their professionals to your office to survey your computers and provide you with a quotation for maintaining them on an annual basis. It's important to think of what to do with your hards drives if they are infected or damaged. After the any it expert has tried to recover the lost lost it's important the hard drvies are destoried in a hard drive shredder so that your senstive information can't fall into the wrong hands. Even if the drive looks ruined there are those who know how to sqeese information from them.

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Experience counts more than money

Do not go straightaway for the company that offers the lowest quote. Instead, check the number of years the company has been in the business of information technology, whether they can provide support 24 x 7, is their quotation inclusive of spare parts, and if they provide authentic spares. Once you trim the list after verifying these facts, opt for the IT support in Birmingham company that offers all the abovementioned options, and charges the lowest quote. Check if they offer discounts if you go for an extended annual maintenance contract (contract for several years). This can save you lots of money.

Life insurance for your computers

Computers have a tendency to act like humans as they age. They slow down regularly or even stop functioning. Most IT support companies will have to replace your existing motherboard with a new one if they cannot fix it as long as an AMC covers the computer in which the motherboard is fixed. This by itself saves you lots of money and enhances the functionality of your old computer. Get a life insurance coverage for your computers today... because disaster strikes when you least expect it.